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Below the knee prosthesis

Step one:

Casting the patient

The first step in making your custom prosthesis is casting your residual limb.  At A.O.P. we always hand cast our patients with fiberglass wrap.  The whole process from casting to final delivery stays within our walls, fabricated by our own hands.  Here is a short video of what to expect during the casting process.

Step two is to fill the casting with a plaster mixture, and inserting a pipe to insert into our modifying jigs.  After the plaster dries the cast is cut off and we are left with a positive mold of your residual limb.

The next step in making a below knee prosthesis is modification to the mold.  We modify the mold to create a total contact total surface weight bearing socket.  Once modified the socket is smoothed up in the sink.

The mold is now smoothed up in preparation of check socket fabrication.

Now hot plastic is pulled over the mold.  Once sealed vacuum is applied and the plastic sucks tight to the mold.  The plastic is cut out, trimmed, and the edges are smoothed out.  The socket is then put together and will be fit to the patient.

Next a plastic socket if donned and we check for fit and alignment.  Based on how well this fits we will either fabricate your prosthesis from this point, or do a second test socket fitting.