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Judy Bolton

Certified Mastectomy Fitter

     Experienced in the orthotics and prosthetics field for 25 years.  Judy attended the Camp fitting school in Orlando Florida where she received a certification as a certified fitter in prefabricated orthotic devices.  Judy is also a certified BOC mastectomy fitter, providing and instructing on how to properly use and maintain post mastectomy devices.  We are proud to feature products from american breast care and amoena.

Brian McVeigh


     Brian attended ECU in Greenville, NC where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 2006.  Upon completion of his degree, he began a two year apprenticeship with AOP in our Fayetteville location.  During this time he trained with Mark Fordham and Aaron Freedlander, along with surgeons in the area gaining the skills necessary to become board certified.  He gained the majority of his experience and skills from working with high activity amputees returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The downturn of the war effort allowed for Brian to transfer to our Greenville location to enhance our prosthetic program.

James Davis

Lab Manager and Lead Technician

     James attended ITT Technical Institute in Chesapeake, VA.  His education and drive had enabled him to begin his career in prosthetics in 2002 with a NC prosthetics business.  The skills and training gained from that position allowed James to take his career further with Tidewater Prosthetics in Suffolk, VA.  This practice was a well established, high volume, fast paced facility.  The experiences and training obtained from Tidewater again enabled James to advance, which brought him to AOP.  James brings a wealth of knowledge and a skill level that sets him apart from most technicians in this field.  With ten years of experience and the desire to succeed, James hopes to continue improving and refining his existing skills with AOP.